Bitcoin Casinos

Top Bitcoin CasinosBonus TypeOverall RatingReviewBonus Link
100% to 1 BTC 25 Free Spins9.8 Bitstarz ReviewBitstarz
2000 mbc Deposit Bonus9.2 Lucky Flop ReviewLucky Flop
Deposit 1 BTC, get 0.5 BTC9.1 Bit Penguin ReviewBitcoin Penguin
110% Deposit Bonus9.4 MBit Casino ReviewMBit Casino

Bitcoin Casinos

How to Setup and Use Bitcoin for gambling?

A Bitcoin wallet is primarily a Bitcoin equivalent to a bank account. This allows you to receive Bitcoin, store them and immediately send them to the bitcoin casinos. There are two primary types of wallets that you may choose from and these include the software wallet and or hosted web wallet. A software wallet is a kind of wallet that can be installed in mobile devices or computer. You are completely in control of such kind of wallet although the installation and maintenance is a bit tricky. Web or hosted wallet is one hosted by third party. This is much easier and simpler to use but you need to trust its provider to maintain high level of protection and security of your coins while engaging in bitcoin gambling.
We recommend using Coinbase.


This is a web wallet that upholds simple design with numerous useful features that makes it excellent for those beginners. You can just send and eventually receive Bitcoin through emails and buy and sell it from Coinbase. This is a full featured kind of Android app that enables you to gave an access to all accounts on the go, click below to visit Coinbase.

Our Bitcoin Casino Gambling Guides

We want to help you if you don't know how to use bitcoins for online gambling at the casinos, so we have provided some tips and guides below.

Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Casino List 2015

Bitcoin Casino ListBonus TypeOverall RatingReviewBonus Link
110% Deposit Bonus9.4 Mbit ReviewMbit Casino
2000 mbc Deposit Bonus9.2 Lucky Flop ReviewLucky Flop
100% Deposit Bonus9.5 Fortune Jack ReviewFortune Jack
100% up to 1 BTC + 25 Free Spins9.8 Bitstarz ReviewBitstarz
Deposit 1 BTC, get 0.5 BTC For Free9.1 Bitcoin Penguin ReviewBitcoin Penguin
N/A - offers Instant Bitcoin deposits8.2Aurumage ReviewAurumage Casino
15% Initial Deposit Bonus: CASINO300BC8.6Ball 2 Win ReviewBall 2 Win
20% Deposit Bonus8.9BC-Casino ReviewBC-Casino
110% Deposit Bonus8.7Betchain ReviewBetchain
100% Deposit
301% Deposit Match Bonus8.1Betcoin ReviewBetcoin
Double any deposit use Code: BETCOIN8.6Betcoin Palace ReviewBetcoin Palace
100% Deposit Bonus8.2Birwo ReviewBirwo
100% Match
100% Match ReviewBTC Casino
N/A Offers Instant Bitcoin Deposits6.0CoinGG ReviewCoinGG
2x Deposit Bonus up to 0.5 BTC6.7Fairproof ReviewFairproof
Deposit 1 BTC Recieve 50% Bonus8.5Fun Casino ReviewFun Casino
N/A Instant Litecoin Deposits6.2Lotwin Casino ReviewLotwin Casino
N/A Instant Bitcoin
100% on 1 deposit up to 1 BTC8.0Pocketdice ReviewPocket Dice
100% bonus up to 1 BTC8.7Satoshibet ReviewSatoshibet
100% Welcome Bonus9.5Vera John ReviewVera John

Bitcoin Casinos on Fueling the Online Gambling Industry

It is easily understandable how the gambling industry is highly profitable business. It is a business with return of investments that is really high, not to mention the emergence of Internet that speeds everything up. In fact, if you know the numbers by which these businesses grow each year you’ll probably amazed down to your wits.

On that note, the gambling industry is making a new turn for evolution which is known as the bitcoin. Nowadays, more and more bitcoin casinos are popping out in answer to the craze that bitcoin industry is making. Of course, right now bitcoin casinos or rather, the bitcoin industry is small niche in the massive industry that is online gaming.
But it cannot be denied that the acceptance for bitcoin is speeding in an impressive rate all because this niche has an arsenal of opportunities and benefits in it. Bitcoin casinos are evidently the latest and also the most profitable addition to the interesting world of online gaming. On its emergence and the acceptance of many people with its benefits lead to many other businesses based on transaction and trade

With the way things are, it is not surprising that many casinos online adapted the digital currency by which bitcoin casinos use. It has not only managed to conquer the world of online gaming but as well it has also stretched to a lot of other communities as well. Over the many bitcoin casinos known in the industry of bitcoin gambling here are some of the casinos at the top of the list:

    • Birwo – Offers all kinds of games for all kinds of players. This platform is known for the fact that games here are web-based. This means that there is no need to download any software or client just so for the games to be played.
    • FortuneJack – The FortuneJack is well-known for its optimal performance in the industry of Bitcoin gambling. This bitcoin casino is able to offer a whole range of exciting features and games all for an optimum performance.
    • Betcoin Casino – Games that await you in Betcoin Casino includes 3D casino games plus a whole lot of exciting games. It supports Litecoin and is known for the over 100 games they offer.
    • Betcoin Sports – As the name suggests, this bitcoin casino specializes in sports betting but is also a bitcoin casino at the same time. Moreover, it is known for being the most complete online casino that operates exclusively on bitcoins.
    • 88BitcoinRoulette – This bitcoin casino is designed for those with a liking to state-of-the-art Bitcoin Roulette. But what it truly offers its players are truly responsive and user-friendly interface for the best bitcoin gaming.

Many people have but a lot of hopes on what future this niche industry as to offer. There are already many potential and benefits that it has to offer, but there are still many that are yet to come. As it stands that not many can understand fully this industry, it would be wise for you to read more about the bitcoin industry on sites offering information about them. Otherwise, you can let yourself experience it firsthand by logging in one of the sites mentioned above.

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